Webinar: Conquering Data in Motion with a Modern Ingestion Platform

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Big data has evolved: it’s no longer just the faster, cheaper data warehouse, it now drives new business initiatives like customer 360, IoT and cybersecurity. These initiatives create new challenges in their need to continually ingest streaming and batch data that must be complete, high quality and immediately consumable. Data ingestion pipelines increase in number and complexity; they must be continuously monitored, updated, supported. Data flows are prone to data drift, unexpected changes to schema and semantics; a true recipe for constant fire-fighting and a loss of confidence in your data.

To conquer data in motion, StreamSets and Cloudera provide an integrated solution for building big data apps. The open source StreamSets Data Collector allows you to design, test, deploy, operate, and maintain pipelines that flow streaming and batch data into Cloudera Enterprise, where you can take advantage of an array of storage and analytics options to enable business-impacting apps. You can design and cleanse complex data flows of streaming and batch data, all without writing code, and then monitor the performance of flow and quality via KPIs with threshold-based alerts. Companies in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, automotive and insurance are already combining StreamSets and Cloudera to make their business more data-driven.

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn more about:

  • The challenges facing data professionals in designing complex dataflows for big data applications.
  • Best practices for data ingestion and managing data in motion.
  • Examples of use cases in customer 360, cybersecurity and IoT.
  • A demo of StreamSet and Cloudera enabling analytics for a Connected Car.


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Featured speakers

Wim Stoop

Senior Product Marketing - Cloudera

Wim Stoop is the senior product marketing manager for Cloudera. In this role, he leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for Cloudera?s mission to let organisations turn data into business value at scale. Prior to Cloudera, Wim spent more than 17 years helping blue-chip companies such as IBM, BP, and HSBC solve their most data-intensive challenges in the context of their business objectives and usage scenarios. Wim is a regular speaker at industry events where organisations are deciding and defining their big data strategy and direction. Wim holds a degree in Chemical Process Technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Kirit Basu

Director Product Marketing - StreamSets

Kirit Basu is the Director of Product Management at StreamSets. In the past he has worked at startups, edtech and healthcare organizations on a wide ranging set of technologies dealing with data big and small.