Webinar | Combat Cyber Threats with Cloudera Impala and Apache Hadoop

Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013
Time: 10:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET
Presenters: Wayne Wheeles, Six3 Systems and Justin Erickson, Cloudera

Cyber threat intelligence is a fast-growing trend within government, and Big Data analytics present a formidable tool to help you meet your mission needs for cyber security. Agencies and organizations must be able to operate with all data in their domains, without loss of fidelity from aggregations and normalization, while leveraging the existing data, formats and structures, metadata, security, and management frameworks powering the rest of the Hadoop system. Cloudera Impala™, an open source massively parallel processing (MPP) query engine that runs natively on Apache Hadoop™, stands as the tool of choice to address these challenges.

Join Justin Erickson, Cloudera's director of product management, and Wayne Wheeles, Six3 Systems' analytic, infrastructure and enrichment developer for cyber security, to learn how you can use Cloudera Impala to:

Justin and Wayne will also present the Impala Mission Demonstration Platform (IMDP), a demo built by Wayne to test and showcase Impala's ability to perform near-real-time network analysis for cyber security.

All are invited to attend; developers, analysts, and individuals who have a strong understanding of Hadoop are strongly encouraged to register.

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