Risk and reward: how data is transforming insurance

Are insurers up to speed with machine learning and advanced analytics?

A perfect storm of rapid technological advances and changing customer behaviours has accelerated the rate of change and disruption in many industries.

Now, these disruptive forces have started to hit the insurance sector. But how many insurance providers are ready to face these new challenges?

Our new report focuses on the way new trends like IoT, machine learning and cybersecurity are impacting on data and analytics within the insurance industry.

Insurance providers have always relied on data to inform their decisions on liability and risk but perhaps now is the time to start focusing on the rewards too.


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We believe machine learning and advanced analytics can play a vital role for insurers, helping to improve existing products and services, create new innovative products and combat the ever-present challenge of fraud.

Read about

  • The applications and potential of machine learning
  • How insurance customers are changing
  • Data’s role in tackling fraud
  • How to be regulation future-proof

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