Rethink Analytics with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub

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Organizations looking to gain actionable insights from their vast amounts of structured and unstructured data are embracing advanced analytics at an increasing rate. As organizations look to scale out their advanced analytics practice to incorporate more data and to provide access to more business users, they run into barriers or limitations caused by traditional data warehousing architecture such as:

  • Increasingly high data storage/processing costs
  • Silos of data
  • Complexity of management and security
  • And the lack of agility

This webinar provides an introduction to advanced analytics from a data practitioner’s point of view and how you can leverage Cloudera’s enterprise data hub (EDH) to use all your data, do more with your data, and ultimately delivers insights sooner.

You will learn

  • What advanced analytics is all about
  • How companies are using advanced analytics to gain insights quickly
  • Benefits of using Cloudera Enterprise for advanced analytics

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