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You’re Invited to The Cloudera Sessions
Your Inside Track to Big Data
The Cloudera Sessions

Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Charlotte are the next stops on the Cloudera North American tour!

Join us in a city near you to learn how to:

  • Design a blueprint for data management
  • Meet mission critical SLAs with Big Data
  • Deliver improved business value with Big Data
  • Optimize your data warehouse for improved ROI and data utilization
  • Make management easier

Click on a city below to see its unique agenda.

Atlanta   |   Boston   |   Charlotte   |   Columbus   |   Dallas   |   Houston
Los Angeles   |   Minneapolis   |   Seattle   |   Toronto   |   Washington, DC
Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit
Mar 18-20, Grapevine, TX
Cloudera CTO Dr. Amr Awadallah will present Unlocking the Value of Business Data: How Hadoop is Poised for the Enterprise. More >
GigaOm Structure
Mar 20, New York, NY
Cloudera co-founder Jeff Hammerbacher will be presenting Big Data Bottlenecks: What We Need To Be Aware Of... More >
Hadoop Summit Europe
Mar 20-21, Amsterdam
Patrick Angeles, Lars George, and Matteo Bertozzi represent Cloudera at Hadoop Summit Amsterdam. More >
Data Day Texas
Mar 20, Austin, TX
Cloudera solutions architect Amandeep Khurana offers a 3-hour deep dive into Apache HBase. More >
Big Data Analytics Meetup
Apr 4, San Jose, CA
Impala architect Marcel Kornacker offers a tech talk on the modern SQL engine for Hadoop. More >
Trailblazers: 11 people changing business
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Cloudera Making Hadoop Even More Enterprise-Ready
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Big Data Time Machine: Mike Olson on Its Origins + Future
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Cloudera takes Hadoop data management into mainstream
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Hadoop Will Move Data Warehousing Forward, Says Cloudera [LIVE from Strata 2013]
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Cloudera Shows Off Its Grown-up, Enterprise Ready Hadoop #strataconf
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Cloudera Adds Security, Disaster Recovery Tools To Enterprise Platform
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Cloudera Makes Hadoop More Enterprise-Ready than Ever
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The Register
Cloudera sends in the auditors – for Hadoop
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IT Briefcase
IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Open Source Data Management with Charles Zedlewski, Cloudera
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Business Insider
THE 2013 SILICON VALLEY 100: People Who Have Achieved Incredible Things In Tech
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HBaseCon 2013 Early Bird Registration and Call for Speakers
June 13 | San Francisco, CA

HBaseCon 2013, the community event for Apache HBase contributors, developers, admins, and users, is back in 2013!

Early bird registration is now open (until April 23), and we’re inviting HBase users and developers to submit proposals for sessions pertaining to:

  • HBase internals and futures
  • Best practices for running HBase in production
  • HBase use cases and applications
  • How to contribute to HBase

Abstracts are due by midnight on April 1, 2013. You will be notified by the Program Committee about the status of your proposal by April 15, 2013.

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New Products Deliver Enterprise-Critical Capabilities
Cloudera Products

We are pleased to inform you about the availability of four new additions to the Cloudera Enterprise platform – further establishing Cloudera as the enterprise standard for Hadoop and the only choice for buyers who want to deploy in production environments. The new products and releases include Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Enterprise BDR, Cloudera Manager 4.5, and CDH 4.2.

Cloudera Navigator

Cloudera Navigator is a comprehensive data management layer for Cloudera Enterprise. The first release of Cloudera Navigator (v1.0) includes a full suite of auditing capabilities across all CDH components that store data. With Cloudera Navigator 1.0 you can:

  • Verify access permissions to files and directories
  • Maintain a full audit history of HDFS, HBase, and Hive data access
  • Report on data access by user and type
  • Integrate with 3rd party SIEM tools
Learn More

Cloudera Enterprise BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery)

Cloudera Enterprise BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) is a licensable module within Cloudera Manager that makes it easy to configure and manage disaster recovery policies for data stored in CDH. With BDR you can:

  • Centrally configure and manage replication workflows for files (HDFS) and metadata (Hive)
  • Consistently meet or exceed SLAs and RTOs through simplified management and process automation
Learn More

Cloudera Manager 4.5

Cloudera Manager 4.5 is now available to all Cloudera Enterprise subscribers. This release adds a number of important new features that improve usability, availability, and integration. With Cloudera Manager 4.5 you can:

  • Keep your system up-to-date with minimal downtime with rolling upgrades
  • Report on key time-series metrics with powerful new charting capabilities
  • Integrate Cloudera Manager with your enterprise monitoring tools using SNMP
  • Easily deploy and expand clusters with diverse node types with node templating
  • Get better proactive support by enabling cluster stats to be automatically sent to Cloudera
Learn More

CDH 4.2

CDH, our 100% open source Hadoop distribution, is the standard for large-scale, Hadoop-based data management. The 4.2 release delivers a number of new capabilities including:

  • JobTracker high availability for improved uptime
  • HBase snapshots for backup and disaster recovery
  • HCatalog support for shared metadata
Video Premiere: Training a New Generation of Data Scientists
Tuesday, March 26 at 11 AM (Pacific)
Josh Wills

Data scientists drive data as a platform to answer previously unimaginable questions. These multi-talented data professionals are in demand like never before because they identify or create some of the most exciting and potentially profitable business opportunities across industries. However, a scarcity of existing external talent will require companies of all sizes to find, develop, and train their people with backgrounds in software engineering, statistics, or traditional business intelligence as the next generation of data scientists.

Join us for the premiere of Training a New Generation of Data Scientists on Tuesday, March 26 at 11 AM (Pacific). In this video, Cloudera's Senior Director of Data Science, Josh Wills, will discuss what data scientists do, how they think about problems, the relationship between data science and Hadoop, and how Cloudera training can help you join this growing and increasingly important profession. Following the video, Josh will be available to answer your questions about data science, Hadoop, and Cloudera's Introduction to Data Science: Building Recommender Systems course.

Video: Rapleaf Works Smarter with Cloudera

Rapleaf helps clients "fill in the blanks" about their customers by taking contact lists and, in real time, providing supplemental data points, statistics, and aggregate charts and graphs that are guaranteed to have greater than 90% accuracy. Cloudera gives Rapleaf the peace of mind that their mission-critical Hadoop infrastructure won't go down, and Cloudera Manager specifically offers numerous advantages -- such as job-level statistics, configuration management, and visibility into long-term trends -- that improve Rapleaf's operational efficiency.

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Cloudera Quickstart
Cloudera Enterprise Quickstart

Cloudera Enterprise Quickstart is the easiest way to successfully get started with Hadoop. We combined software, training, support, and consultation into two different packages focused on your Data Processing and Data Analytics needs. With Quickstart, you'll begin answering your first Big Data questions in practically no time.

Cloudera University
Meet the Instructor: Glynn Durham
Cloudera Data Science

In this installment of “Meet the Instructor,” we speak to San Francisco-based Glynn Durham, one of the big brains behind Cloudera’s Introduction to Data Science training and certification.

For me, Hadoop represents the continuation of a lifelong professional interest in digital data as a useful abstraction of the real world. As an instructor, there’s nothing better than observing an a-ha moment. Training allows me to contribute to that process all the time—I’m even the one on the learning end now and again! I enjoy meeting people whose eyes light up when they start to think about what a platform like Hadoop enables. I get to learn a lot, not just about Cloudera’s technology (which is awesome, by the way), but also about what customers are finding to do with their data. It just goes on and on!

My enthusiasm for teaching, broadly, goes way back to junior high school in Louisiana, where I tutored a classmate who was failing geometry. Like me, he later went on to become a successful engineer. I find it rewarding to think that I actually made a difference in that guy’s life. I like to think that, all these years later, I am still doing the same thing: with a few days’ mutual commitment, we can provide real value to individuals in our classrooms.

In a previous chapter of my life, I interned with the recording engineers at Tiny Telephone, a famous recording studio in San Francisco that favors legacy analog techniques. I spent many, many hours aligning tape decks and setting up signal chains, then listening to all sorts of musicians work their magic. Great fun!

Free Hadoop Operations Ebook

Start spring off with bigger questions by taking advantage of Cloudera University’s special offer for aspiring Hadoop Administrators. All participants who complete a public Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop by the end of March will receive a free digital copy of Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer. If you’ve been asked to maintain large and complex Hadoop clusters, this book is a must. In addition to providing practical guidance from an expert, Hadoop Operations is also a terrific companion reference to the full Cloudera Administrator course.

Cloudera’s three-day course provides administrators a comprehensive understanding of all the steps necessary to operate and manage Hadoop clusters. From installation and configuration through load balancing and tuning your cluster, Cloudera’s administration course has you covered. This course is appropriate for system administrators and others who will be setting up or maintaining a Hadoop cluster. Basic Linux experience is a prerequisite, but prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required.

Online Tutorials From Cloudera University
Cloudera Data Science

Are you eager to learn more about Hadoop, but can’t attend onsite training? Have you attended a training course and are looking for a refresher or a way to learn more about complementary topics and projects? Are you studying for a Cloudera Certification exam and need to revisit or dive deeper into key areas? Get started at your own convenience through Cloudera University’s online resources space, where you can watch full trainings on Cloudera Essentials for Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Manager, explore the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem, or get An Introduction to Impala. We add web-based tutorials regularly, so keep an eye out for new videos throughout the month!

Developer Community Center
New products and releases: Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Enterprise BDR, and more

Get an update on new Cloudera products for data governance and automated backup and data recovery, as well as features in the new releases of CDH and Cloudera Manager. Read on >

Big Data’s new use cases: transformation, active archive, and exploration

Cloudera CTO Amr Awadallah reveals the new use-case patterns emerging across the Hadoop ecosystem. Read on >

Apache Hadoop 2.0.3-alpha released

In mid-February the Apache Hadoop PMC voted to release Apache Hadoop 2.0.3-alpha, the latest in the Hadoop 2 release series. This release fixes over 500 issues since the 2.0.2-alpha release in October last year. Read on >

How-to: Resample from a large data set in parallel (with R on Hadoop)

Data scientists, learn how to implement a Poisson approximation to train a random forest on an enormous data set -- using R and Hadoop. Read on >

How-To: Run a MapReduce job in CDH4 using advanced features

Delve deeper into MapReduce programming and learn some of the framework’s more advanced features. Read on >

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