Insurance panel: six ways of turning risk into reward with data

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Risk is fundamental to the insurance business; it’s the very foundation of their product. Spotting, assessing and avoiding risk is at the heart of what they do. Something else that’s fundamental to the insurance industry is data. Providers have always relied on data to inform their decisions of liability and risk. But, as progress in data analytics and machine learning accelerates, are providers moving fast enough? Are insurers at risk of being left behind in the race to make the most of big data and advanced analytics?

Hear from our panel made up of the biggest names in the insurance industry how they turn to data to reap rewards from the biggest industry risks:

  • Falling behind the pace of data
  • Losing customers to competitors with more targeted products
  • Losing customer to competitors with more relevant policies
  • Detecting increasingly sophisticated fraud
  • Preventing new opportunities for cyber criminals
  • Falling short of changing regulation

Join this webinar to hear the real stories that demonstrate how big data and analytics can be used to turn risk into reward for your business.