Dallas, Texas

March 19th, 2014

Rethink Data - and what your business can do.

Join us at Cloudera Sessions – Dallas and learn how many of today’s major companies are relying on an enterprise data hub to transform their business and gain a competitive advantage.

Today’s leading companies need to be information-driven to succeed. To be information-driven means being able to leverage an unprecedented volume and variety of data, storing it cost-effectively, and delivering insights in a number of ways to a wide range of audiences, each with diverse requirements. Are you information-driven?

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9:00 AM Keynote: The Future of Data Management - the enterprise data hub
Amr Awadallah, Chief Technology Officer
10:00 AM  Your Path to Success with Big Data
10:30 AM  Break
11:00 AM  Customer presentations and fireside chat
Prashanth Athota - VP, STS/Enterprise Architecture Epsilon
Cameron Humphries, Director of Marketing Systems, Neiman Marcus
12:00 PM  Lunch
provided by Cloudera
1:00 PM  Breakout Sessions (Choose two of the three available)

Getting Started with Hadoop
Dan Kernaghan, Cloudera Systems Engineer
If you’re interested in Hadoop and its capabilities, but you are not sure where to begin, this clinic is for you. Learn the basics of Hadoop, see how to spin up a development cluster in the cloud or on-premise, and start exploring ETL processing with SQL and other familiar tools.

Advanced Analytics
David Millman, Cloudera Systems Engineer
Organizations looking to gain actionable insights from their vast amounts of structured and unstructured data are embracing advanced analytics at an increasing rate. As they look to scale out their advanced analytics practice to incorporate more data and to provide access to more business users, they run into barriers or limitations from existing solutions.

This session provides an introduction to advanced analytics from a data practitioner’s point of view and how you can leverage Cloudera’s enterprise data hub (EDH) to use all your data, do more with your data, and ultimately delivers insights sooner.

Data Warehouse Optimization
Kevin Worrell, Cloudera Systems Engineer
Data warehouses have been a critical part of the data management infrastructure for decades. Yet today, data warehouses and their surrounding infrastructure strain to keep up as organizations grapple with more types and greater volumes of data. Hear how you can shift appropriate data and workloads to Hadoop to reduce costs, increase performance, and analyze larger and more diverse data sets.

Break the Barriers for Offloading Data to the enterprise data hub with Syncsort
Steve Totman, Director of Strategy at Syncsort
Demand for quicker access to multiple integrated sources of data continues to rise. Immediate access to data stored in a variety of systems - such as mainframes, data warehouses, and data marts - is the competitive differentiation enterprises need to win in today's economy. Stop playing the waiting game and learn about offloading legacy data from practically any source in your enterprise environment to Hadoop. Leading organizations are already taking advantage of this architectural innovation to gain modern insights into the EDH, while reducing costs and propelling their businesses ahead of the competition. Are you tired of waiting? Don't let your architecture hold you back.

3:00 PM  Happy Hour

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dallas Marriott Las Colinas
223 West Las Collinas Blvd
Irving, TX 75309

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Revolution Analytics

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Learn how the enterprise data hub will allow you to absorb the data tidal wave and gain unprecedented levels of insight faster, and for far less money, than you ever thought possible -- all while continuing to run your current data management infrastructure for business-critical applications.

For Line of Business Owners:

Learn how the enterprise data hub delivers business value – Gain advantage from ALL your data while using existing infrastructure and practices, meeting all compliance requirements, and reducing costs.

For IT Executives, Managers, and Staff:

Design a blueprint for Enterprise Data Management – Pursue a practical, proven approach to implementation of Hadoop for a full range of workloads…while achieving gains in operational efficiency (e.g., to improve Data Warehouse ROI and more reliably meet SLAs).