Rethink Data - and what your business can do.

May 8th, 2014

Thank you for joining us at Cloudera Sessions – Copenhagen and learn how many of today’s major companies are relying on an enterprise data hub to transform their business and gain a competitive advantage.

Today’s leading companies need to be information-driven to succeed. To be information-driven means being able to leverage an unprecedented volume and variety of data, storing it cost-effectively, and delivering insights in a number of ways to a wide range of audiences, each with diverse requirements. Are you information-driven?

8:00 AM  Registration Desk Open
8:30 AM  Registration and Sponsor Networking
9:30 AM  Keynote: Evolution from Apache Hadoop to the Enterprise Data Hub – a new foundation for the modern architecture
Kirk Dunn, Chief Operating Officer

Our legacy information architecture is not able to cope with the realities of today's business. This is because it is not able to scale to meet our SLAs due to separation of storage and compute, economically store the volumes and types of data we currently confront, provide the agility necessary for innovation, and most importantly, provide a full 360 degree view of our customers, products, and business. In this talk Cloudera will present the Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) as the new foundation for the modern information architecture. Built with Apache Hadoop at the core, the EDH is an extremely scalable, flexible, and fault-tolerant, data processing system designed to put data at the center of your business.

10:15 AM  Your Path to Success with Big Data
Ryan Goldman, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
10:45 AM  Q&A
11:00 AM  Break
11:30 AM  Use Case: The Art and Application of Platform for Big Data
Amy O'Connor, Big Data Evangelist
12:00 PM  Customer Presentation
12:30 PM  Lunch and Sponsor Networking
1:30 PM  Breakout Sessions

Getting Started with Hadoop
If you're interested in Hadoop and its capabilities, but you are not sure where to begin, this clinic is for you. Learn the basics of Hadoop, see how to spin up a development cluster in the cloud or on-premise, and start exploring ETL processing with SQL and other familiar tools.

Offload Data Processing to Hadoop
Hadoop and Cloudera offer many frameworks and tools for your ETL needs. In this breakout session, you’ll discover how you can think differently about ETL on Hadoop and use the full power of the ecosystem -- from MapReduce and Impala to Flume and HBase and other tools -- to power your ETL processes.

Driving Business Innovation with Big Data
Companies are introducing innovative new products and services to grow their business using more data and new types of data. Instead of looking at just weeks or months of data, companies are gaining better insight combining years of data with up to the second real-time data. These big data insights help organizations improve operational efficiency & reduce IT infrastructure costs, better manage customer relationships and create new information related products and services. This session from experts at Informatica will describe a process, architecture, and data management platform that leverages Hadoop to turn big data into business value through common big data use-case patterns.

5:00 PM  Happy Hour
6:00 PM  Finish

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Learn how the enterprise data hub will allow you to absorb the data tidal wave and gain unprecedented levels of insight faster, and for far less money, than you ever thought possible -- all while continuing to run your current data management infrastructure for business-critical applications.

For Line of Business Owners:

Learn how the enterprise data hub delivers business value – Gain advantage from ALL your data while using existing infrastructure and practices, meeting all compliance requirements, and reducing costs.

For IT Executives, Managers, and Staff:

Design a blueprint for Enterprise Data Management – Pursue a practical, proven approach to implementation of Hadoop for a full range of workloads…while achieving gains in operational efficiency (e.g., to improve Data Warehouse ROI and more reliably meet SLAs).

For Developers:

Explore the end-to-end architecture of a common data pipeline and what you can adapt to your own use cases, using the Cloudera.