Cloudera Sessions London

12th December 2017 at Old Truman Brewery
From 8:00 to 18:30

Join us for Cloudera Sessions 2017, where Europe's smartest data professionals will be discussing many of the newest use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Come gain firsthand experience into how experts like yourself are using data-driven insights to grow businesses, improve efficiencies, and manage risk.



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Add to calendar 2017-12-12 08:00:00 2017-12-12 18:30:00 Europe/London Cloudera Sessions London Join us for Cloudera Sessions 2017, where Europe's smartest data professionals will be discussing many of the newest use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Come gain firsthand experience into how experts like yourself are using data-driven insights to grow businesses, improve efficiencies, and manage risk. Old Truman Brewery, 091 Brick Ln, London, E1 6QR

Plenary session

The plenary session will primarily focus on the way machine learning and cloud are impacting on leading businesses in the world today. Featuring data innovators, industry experts and leading data-driven organisations.

08:00-09:00 Registration

Go to the registration desk to collect your badge and grab a tea or coffee with our sponsors before making your way to the conference room for the keynote sessions from Cloudera, Intel, 451 Research, the Office for National Statistics and more.

09:00-09:05 Welcome and introduction

Stephen Line, Regional Vice-President, Cloudera will welcome delegates, outline the agenda for the day and share more detail on the themes of the event.

Presented by Stephen Line, Regional Vice-President North EMEA, Cloudera

09:05-09:35 Keynote - Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Future of Big Data Analytics - Cloudera

Businesses and organisations of all sizes are suddenly flooded in data from a hyper-connected world and need solutions to analyse and act upon it. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have emerged to help understand patterns in the data, predict outcomes, and prescribe the optimal actions to impact those outcomes. New use cases for machine learning are emerging every day – ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection, to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Gain first-hand experience into how some of the world’s best organisations are using data-driven insights to grow their businesses, operate more efficiently and manage risk.

09:35-09:50 Keynote - Innovate with data science and machine learning

Presented by Brian Goral, Technical Product Manager, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs

09:50-10:05 Keynote - Inside AI: Technologies fueling Advanced Analytics Workflows and Applications - Intel

The tremendous amount of data produced by devices and sensors contains incredible insight and value once analysed and interpreted especially if in real time. Traditional analytics consists of Descriptive, Diagnostic and Predictive analytics, while Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role at the upper echelon of advanced analytics including Predictive, Prescriptive, and Cognitive analytics. One of the best examples of the data deluge driving huge compute requirements and requiring AI solutions is automated driving. In this presentation we will review a full stack of end to end AI technologies and products for building AI solutions at enterprise scale with our fellow travelers.

Presented by Gerald Grattoni, Head of EMEA Financial Services Solutions, Intel

10:05-10:30 Keynote - 451 Research: Key considerations for selecting a best execution venue for data in the cloud

Organisations across the globe increasingly view the cloud as a way to reduce storage costs, improve the flexibility of infrastructure, and speed-up their data and analytics processes. Machine learning, IoT and other large-scale data processing technologies are arguably an especially good fit for cloud, and as an increasing amount of data is stored in the cloud, so further data and analytics workloads are attracted to the cloud. With multiple options available - public, private and hybrid cloud - what do organisations need to consider to ensure they select the best execution venue for a particular workload? And how can they avoid becoming ‘locked-in’ with any one provider?

Presented by Matt Aslett, Research Director, 451 Research

10:30-11:00 Networking break

Take a short break after the keynote sessions and refuel with tea, coffee and snack in the exhibition area. Spend time with our sponsors and learn how they work with Cloudera to help you get value from all of your data.

11:00-11:20 Guest speaker - Stefanie Posavec, co-author of ‘Dear Data’: ‘Cold’ data, warm heart

As a designer, Stefanie uses data-gathering and data-visualisation as a design process, taking seemingly ‘cold’ data and using it to create warm, subjective and often emotional projects that fall on the borders between data visualisation, design, and art. She will talk about her explorations in making data more engaging, memorable, and accessible to a lay audience and will show how in an era of ever-increasing data, we can – through channelling our inner 'anoraks’ – begin to view data not as something ‘big’, but something small, personal, and intrinsic to the human experience.

Presented by Stefanie Posavec, co-author of ‘Dear Data’

11:20-11:40 ONS helps UK government make better decisions with data science

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) serves as the UK's largest independent producer of official statistics and is the recognised national statistical institute of the UK. In this session, Simon Sandford-Taylor will share their journey with data science which is already beginning to revolutionise analytics and present exciting opportunities for the future.

Simon Sandford-Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, Office for National Statistics

11:40-12:00 Powering innovation at Barclays with data, analytics and technology

In 2017 Barclays opened its new flagship innovation centre ‘Rise London’ the largest fintech co-working space in Europe as part of its strategy to drive innovation for the fintech community. Michael Harte will share how data and analytics are fundamental to this future-focused approach to reinvent financial services and help Barclays create new value for customers, new revenue channels for businesses and new opportunities to scale.

Michael Harte, Head of Group Innovation, Barclays

12:00-12:20 Data democratisation and self-service analytics at BT

As one of the world's leading communications services companies BT is at the forefront of the data age. As an early adopter of big data and associated technologies the team at BT is already driving value through lower infrastructure costs and better understanding of customer interactions across the business. Jason Perkins will share details on the journey with Cloudera to date and the plans to democratise data for BT's 100,000+ employees.

Presented by Jason Perkins, Head of Business Insight & Analytics Architecture, BT

12:20-12:40 GDPR: what are the advantages of the new regulation?

Data is the new oil, right? Bigger data and the decisions garnered from it can make or break a business. But with big data, comes organisational and processing hassle along with data provenance and jurisdiction nightmares. With the new EU privacy regulation, GDPR, companies will be expected to process and store their data in an organized, labeled and properly secured manner. A nightmare? Hopefully not! Being a good data maintainer in the eyes of the new regulation has plenty of advantages, including better documentation and data access for your teams, more ethical data gathering, fewer imbalanced models and satisfied customers.

Presented by Katharine Jarmul, Data Scientist and Founder Kjamistan

12:40-13:10 Panel discussion: Cloud

Companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to drive innovation and reduce infrastructure costs but with public, private and hybrid clouds available how should an organisation shape its approach for the most effective business driven solution.

Facilitator: Wim Stoop, Senior Technical Marketing Manager EMEA, Cloudera
Panellists: BT, Deloitte, Simudyne

13:10-13:15 Summary of the plenary session

Presented by Stephen Line, Regional Vice-President North EMEA, Cloudera

13:15-14:00 Networking lunch

Head to the exhibition area for lunch and share your learnings from the event so far with your peers and sponsors. Discover some of the latest solutions in the world of data and analytics and discover how to power possibilities in your organisation.

Breakout sessions

14:00-14:45 Breakout session one (click to expand)

Theme: Modernise IT Breakout room A: How to build a data-driven organisation

Discover the foundations, structure and applications you need to have in place to build a data-driven organisation with some practical examples.

Theme: Customer insights Breakout room B: Real-time analytics for improved customer insights

Learn how data-driven organisations are using native visual analytics software on a modern data platform for the scale, performance, and security needed for real-time customer insights in the era of big data and IoT.

Theme: Data science and machine learning Main conference room: Powering machine learning with data science

Explore the topic of data science in-depth and discover how it can be used to power machine learning with customer examples. This session will also include a live demonstration of Cloudera Data Science Workbench.

14:45-15:30 Breakout session two (click to expand)

Theme: Modernise IT Breakout room A: Accessing SAP data for EDW on Apache Hadoop & Data Science

Theme: Cloud Breakout room B: Integrating mainframe data into your Cloudera Altus strategy

In a world of open IT systems, evolving at dizzying speed, the mainframe remains the backbone infrastructure for thousands of enterprise-scale organisations worldwide. Defying regular predictions of its imminent demise, the mainframe workhorse is still going strong – processing a huge range of application and log data that are critical to a fully-fledged Big Data analytics initiative, or robust IT Operations or Compliance strategies.

Theme: Security and governance Main conference room: GDPR. It’s big. But not impossible

For the majority of organisations, the goal of GDPR compliance presents an enterprise-wide business problem — a massive cross-departmental effort that impacts technology, processes and people. Join this session to understand how the Cloudera platform can simplify your approach to GDPR.

15:30-16:00 Networking break

Time for one last tea or coffee in the exhibition area to recharge your energy before the final breakout sessions.

16:00-16:45 Breakout session three (click to expand)

Theme: Customer insights Breakout room A: Understanding customer behaviour

This session will focus on the way that Cloudera and Qlik enable businesses across all sectors to truly know their customers. Learn how to establish a modern data and analytics approach that enables you to deliver customer insights across your entire business and build more personalised offers that help attract new customers and build loyalty and retention rates for the long-term.

Theme: Modernise IT Breakout room B: How to drive actionable insights from IoT data

IoT is revolutionizing the industrial sector. Discover how sensor data is being used to deliver real-time analytics on the performance of machinery in order to drive better efficiency through solutions such as predictive maintenance.

Theme: Cloud Main conference room: An introduction to Cloudera Altus

Preparing data for analysis and insights is the foundation of any data-driven exercise. Attend this session and see a live demonstration of Cloudera Altus our new platform-as-a-service that makes it easy and cost-effective to process large-scale data sets in the cloud.

16:45-17:30 Breakout session four (click to expand)

Theme: Modernise IT Breakout room A: Getting full value from your modern data platform

You can’t analyse what you can’t ingest. This session will demonstrate how to realise the full value of your modern data platform to continuously land consumption-ready data into your data management systems for utilisation by a growing number of applications.

Theme: Modernise IT Breakout room B: Shifting from physical to logical big data

As connected devices, geospatial, OLTP, social media and other sources of big data keep increasing the volume and variety of data in physical data lakes, created with modern big data technologies, it is almost impossible to turn that data into real-time business intelligence in a secure and compliant way. Organizations across a wide range of industries are turning their attention to logical data lakes, thanks to data virtualization technology that makes it possible. Attend this session to learn how your organization can also harness the power of big data with data virtualization.

Presented by Denodo Technologies

Theme: Data science and machine learning Main conference room: How to accelerate innovation with machine learning and analytics

Using an example from a large global telco business this session will explore how a modern IT architecture can be used to drive business value in key areas including customer churn analysis, network optimisation and fraud detection.

17:30-18:30 Networking reception

After a busy day of exploration, learning and discussion we will end the event with some informal drinks and nibbles in the exhibition area.


Stephen Line
Regional Vice-President, Cloudera
Dr. Amr Awadallah
Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera
Brian Goral
Technical Product Manager, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs
Gerald Grattoni
Head of EMEA Financial Services Solutions, Intel
Matt Aslett
Research Director, 451 Research
Stefanie Posavec
Information designer & artist / co-creator of Dear Data
CTO - Office for National Statistics
Michael Harte
Head of Group Innovation, Barclays
Joao Cerqueira
Big Data Architect, Perform Group
Jason Perkins
Head of Business Insight & Analytics Architecture, BT
Katharine Jarmul
Founder, Kjamistan
Wim Stoop
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera
Mark Samson
Principal Systems Engineer, Cloudera
Chris Royles
Systems Engineer, Cloudera
Dan Croft
Systems Engineer, Cloudera
Colm Moynihan
Partner Systems Engineering Manager EMEA, Cloudera
Charles Southwood
Regional VP, Northern EMEA at Denodo


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Top 5 reasons to attend Cloudera Sessions 2017is 2017

Here are five reasons why you should attend Cloudera Sessions in London:

1 Innovation

Hear how leading organisations like Barclays, Office for National Statistics and Perform Group (Opta) drive value from their data with Cloudera.

2 Insights

Explore practical examples of the hottest topics in data and analytics today including machine learning, cloud, IoT, cybersecurity and GDPR.

3 Networking

Share experiences and discuss what you uncover during the event with like-minded peers across all industries.

4 Interaction

Interact with the experts during the cloud panel discussion and breakout sessions on topics that meet your individual interests.

5 Solutions

Exhibitors at the event are all working with the Cloudera platform to drive solutions for customers take your chance to learn from their experience and expertise.