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Cloudera Sessions: Kickstart Your Data Journey

December 8th, 2015 8:30am - 4:30pm

Join us at Cloudera Sessions on Tuesday, December 8th as like-minded data innovators come together for a comprehensive day of exploring the different stages of the data journey.

Whether you are trying to increase operational efficiencies, discover and automate analytics, or transform your industry through unique data applications, we will walk you through our first hand experience of helping organisations build a modern architecture in order to make analytics pervasive across their organisation.

The event is officially sold out, if you are interested in attending please send your enquiry to christiane.stein@cloudera.com

8:30am   Registration and coffee
9:00am   Keynote: Pervasive Analytics
Amr Awadallah - CTO and Co- Founder
10:00am  Big Data & Analytics Maturity: How To Stay On Track for Business Value
Philip Carnelley - Research Director, European Software Group @ IDC
10:30am   Break
11:00am   Technical Demo: Insider Trade Fraud Detection
Cloudera & Trifacta
11:20am   Customer Presentations
Vodafone & Santander
12:00pm Panel Discussion: Data Analytics for Cyber Security
12:45pm   Lunch
provided by Cloudera
1:30pm   Breakout Sessions

Security and Governance with Hadoop
Cloudera & Teradata
Today, financial, telco, insurance, retail and other organisations rely on data as the basis of their industry. In the absence of the means of production for physical goods, data is the raw material used to create value for and capture value from the market. However, as data volume and variety increase, so do the susceptibility to fraud and the temptation to hackers. Learn how an enterprise data hub built on Hadoop enables advanced security and machine learning on much more descriptive and real-time data to detect and prevent fraud, from payment encryption to anti-money-laundering processes.

Operational Analytics on Hadoop
Cloudera & Oracle
Operationalizing models and responding to large volumes of data, fast, requires bolt on systems that can struggle with processing (transforming the data), consistency (always responding to data), and scalability (processing and responding to large volumes of data). If the data volume become too large, these traditional systems fail to deliver their responses resulting in significant losses to organisations. Join this breakout to learn how to overcome the roadblocks.

Data Discovery with Hadoop
Cloudera & SAS
Siloed data is difficult to access and causes data consumers to only have partial views of the problem at hand. By limiting access to large volumes of disparate data, analysts and business users alike don’t have the ability to included important data in their reports and models leading to suboptimal analytic outputs. Even when this data is available to countless users, traditional systems limit them to querying small volumes of data in order to return the results in a timely matter.

3:30pm   Happy Hour

Tuesday, 8th December 2015

The May Fair
Stratton Street
London W1J 8LT








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Learn how the enterprise data hub will allow you to absorb the data tidal wave and gain unprecedented levels of insight faster, and for far less money, than you ever thought possible -- all while continuing to run your current data management infrastructure for business-critical applications.

For Line of Business Owners:

Learn how the enterprise data hub delivers business value – Gain advantage from ALL your data while using existing infrastructure and practices, meeting all compliance requirements, and reducing costs.

For IT Executives, Managers, and Staff:

Design a blueprint for Enterprise Data Management – Pursue a practical, proven approach to implementation of Hadoop for a full range of workloads…while achieving gains in operational efficiency (e.g., to improve Data Warehouse ROI and more reliably meet SLAs).