Introduction to YARN and MapReduce 2
December 19, 2013 | 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Speaker: Diana Carroll, Senior Curriculum Developer, Cloudera

As part of the recent release of Hadoop 2 by the Apache Software Foundation, YARN and MapReduce 2 deliver significant upgrades to scheduling, resource management, and execution in Hadoop.

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  • How YARN works and how it improves MapReduce's scalability and flexibility
  • The differences between MapReduce and MapReduce 2 and how the change benefits Hadoop developers and administrators
  • The lifecycle of a MapReduce 2 application
  • The function of various YARN components, including Resource Manager, Node Manager, Application Master, and Job History Server
  • How Cloudera supports YARN and MapReduce 2, both in CDH4 and in CDH5 as part of Cloudera Enterprise 5

A Q&A will follow the presentation, and we will answer all your questions about YARN, MapReduce 2, Cloudera Enterprise 5, and any of Cloudera's training courses.

What is YARN?
YARN is a generic architecture for managing distributed applications across a Hadoop cluster.

What is MapReduce 2?
MapReduce 2 is now ready for production and is the default processing framework in Cloudera Enterprise 5 (now available in Beta).

At their core, YARN and MapReduce 2’s improvements separate cluster resource management capabilities from MapReduce-specific logic. YARN enables Hadoop to share resources dynamically between multiple parallel processing frameworks such as Cloudera Impala, allows more sensible and finer-grained resource configuration for better cluster utilization, and scales Hadoop to accommodate more and larger jobs.

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