An End-to-End Open Source Architecture for IoT


Given the speed of change, rapid innovation, and the wide variety of standards and use cases that the Internet of Things (IoT) enables, organizations are increasingly looking at open source architectures for IoT in order to drive innovation and accelerate development.

Join Cloudera and Red Hat for a joint webinar to learn more about an end-to-end architecture for IoT based on open source and open standards. In this session we'll showcase an end-to-end architecture for IoT highlighting Eclipse Kura, which is an open source stack for gateways and the edge, and Eclipse Kapua, an open source IoT cloud platform.

As part of this webinar you can learn more about:

  • How to deploy an end-to-end open source architecture for IoT
  • The Eclipse IoT open source community and key projects
  • How to enable end-to-end analytics for IoT, including pushing machine learning models to the edge
  • Industry 4.0 demo built on open source architectures and components

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Date: November 16th, 2017
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET

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Featured speakers

Dave Shuman

Industry Lead for IoT at Cloudera

Dave Shuman is the industry leader for IoT and manufacturing at Cloudera, where he works closely with customers globally to help them successfully navigate their IoT journeys, deploy cutting-edge IoT use cases, and generate value from big data and analytics Dave has also worked extensively on building capabilities for data engineering and advanced analytics for a diverse set of industries.

James Kirkland

Chief Architect for IoT at Red Hat

James Kirkland is the advocate for Red Hat’s initiatives and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) practice and is the chief architect of Red Hat’s strategy for IoT deployments. James also serves as the head subject-matter expert and global team leader of system architects responsible for accelerating IoT implementations for customers worldwide.